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Josh Ferrari


Retire early with strategic, syndicated multifamily real estate investments in as little as 1-3 years!

Hey! My name is Josh Ferrari

I started investing in real estate in January of 2018. I was a broke college student, just married, who didn’t know anything about investing.


I went from a broke college student to a multi-millionaire by the age of 25 through the exact strategies that are taught in this exclusive 1-1 mastermind.


I designed this mastermind to help individuals like yourself create financial freedom and escape your 9-5 through healthy/active real estate investments via multifamily syndications.

Achieving this goal can seem like such a monumental task and you just don’t know where to start or what to do…


We aim to solve that through weekly coaching calls, weekly mastermind calls, and many resources to guide you to the other side.


By creating this group environment, we are able to challenge each other, support each other, lean on each other’s expertise, and even allow you to potentially find your lifelong business partner to help take you to the next level!


Today I’ve acquired and sold over $65M in multifamily real estate totaling over 874 units. I’ve raised tens of millions of dollars from various private investors. I’ve been featured on over 40 highly renowned podcasts as a professional in this space. I've also helped 75 other investors just like you build their multifamily portfolio and generate over 6 figures of revenue in their business in an average of just 6 months. 


I say all of this to say that I started from humble beginnings. Regardless of where you are in your journey, you CAN achieve financial freedom!


Biweekly Real Estate Mastery Calls We’ll dive A-Z into a new strategic and systematic way two times every week in how to acquire, underwrite, raise capital, write offers, maintain, and successfully operate a commercial multifamily syndication business. There will also be Q&A at the end of every mastery call to discuss further topics you’re struggling with and how we can help you ultimately move the needle in your business.

Biweekly Mastermind Calls Two times per month we will come together and connect/network with each other. This will help you foster deeper connections with other like minded individuals in the group, allowing you to expand your network, solve problems together, and potentially even partner together on future acquisitions. Your network is your net worth and surrounding yourself with the right people will be the difference between your rapid success or slow failure.

Private Member's Only Slack Channel Every member who’s ever joined this in-depth mastermind will be in this channel and your exclusive, lifetime access to it will allow you to immediately network with tons of other like minded individuals who have an equal or greater drive to grow their knowledge, expertise, and experience in the commercial multifamily industry.

Lifetime Access to Training Material Access to all of our trainings, tools, and resources so that you can use it to not only train and learn yourself, but also to train and educate future business partners and future employees of your company to aid in truly rapid growth. All of these trainings encompass the entire foundational machine that I've used to scale so rapidly that has allowed me to be able to retire in less than 2 years.

Professional Deal Analysis Training No one wants to spend hours and hours underwriting deals just for the deal not to make any financial sense in the first place. You will have access to the exact underwriting tool that we use that allows us to efficiently underwrite a deal in 10 minutes or less. I will also give you all of the resources and training that we use to determine market and asset investability.

Capital Raising Mastery Challenge This in-depth training is something that I custom tailored for investors just like you. This challenge is going to immediately give you access to the entire machine behind how I’ve raised over $25M in the last 2 years and it’s going to help you both capitalize on your existing audience as well as extend your reach on a very scalable level. We don’t want to be having 1-1 phone calls with thousands of different investors because we want more freedom than that, right? This mastery challenge will build a machine that will raise capital for you in your sleep.

Opportunity to Partner with us Access to potentially Co-GP with us on new investment opportunities. The goal is to get you out there on your own. To have you and your own partners out there crushing it and closing your own deals. Occasionally, it may make sense to bring you on to one of our deals to show you the ropes, guide you through the process, give you the inside scoop, and get you rolling down that hill to start your avalanche of success in closing multifamily deals. We can also help you raise capital, help you get approved for the loan, help with earnest money deposits, and asset management.

Professional Guest Speakers Every month we bring in other industry professionals who help shine some light on their specific areas of expertise. We've had guests speakers come to discuss topics such as how to maximize tax savings through cost segregation, how to execute on a capital raise within the bounds of SEC guidelines, how to build immediate credibility with brokers without ever closing a deal, how to build a $1.9B multifamily business in less than 4 years, and more.

Referrals & Connections I will give you 1-1 access to my personal network. Should you have a deal that needs an SEC attorney, some additional capital, or a more strategically placed property manager, I will personally broker these connections for you from my existing network to allow you to focus on scaling your business.


"As someone who closely followed Josh's podcast for over a year before committing to the mastermind program, I can say that the mastermind gives an even deeper insight into actually creating a successful real estate business than the podcast (which in itself is more in-depth than most.) I can speak highly of Josh's eagerness to teach and his organizational skills in creating and managing the educational materials for his students. In fact, since joining, I've not only found my life long business partner in the mastermind, but I've also had the ability to get my first deal under contract which is a whopping 304 units due to the direct result of Josh's coaching and consistent availability when I have questions." 

Samer Kattih

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