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Josh Ferrari


Joshua Ferrari, founder of Ferrari Capital and co-founder of Three Beach Capital, was born in Omaha, NE, moved all throughout the Southeast during his childhood due to being in a military family, and currently resides in Mobile, AL. Josh graduated from Tennessee College of Applied Technology with his Airframe & Powerplant License so he could pursue his passion of becoming an Aircraft Technician... Or so he thought.

After college, he was in the aviation industry for over 6 years and grew exponentially in rank. With experience on aircraft such as an A300, A319, A320, MD-10, MD-11, B757, B767, and B777, he became the “expert” on such aircraft and was leading the #1 UPS MRO line in the world for almost 3 years.

Shortly after entering into the aviation industry, Josh found his second love… Real Estate. After just 4 short years, Josh has accumulated over $65MM AUM, 874 units, has successfully raised tens of millions of dollars from various private investors, and at the age of 25 was able to retire from Corporate America from the passive income he had generated through real estate.

He has been featured on over 40 highly renown podcasts as a guest and continues to teach others how to follow in his footsteps via The Ferrari Capital Multifamily Mastermind which he created in May 2022 and is designed as an all-inclusive, 12 month program to take you from A-Z in building your 7-9 figure multifamily syndication business. To date, he's helped over 60 real estate investors achieve financial freedom through multifamily syndications.

In April 2020, he started a podcast titled, Creative Capital, to not only learn more about the industry from experts, but to help teach others as well. He currently releases two episodes per week, and since its inception he now has over 1,000,000 downloads with tens of thousands of loyal weekly listeners. It has allowed him to grow his network and meet with top tier professionals in the space who have done millions or even billions of dollars in transactions.

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